• Research

    Bahana’s success in providing financial guidance is driven by a research team consistently ranked among the Indonesian market’s best and most comprehensive. Offering the most extensive coverage of Indonesia, the research team has over 60 years of extensive experience in the stock market and specialises in the in-depth analysis of listed companies. In gathering on the ground insights into 97 public entities, Bahana Research at present covers more than 76% of total market capitalization of the index. This coverage extends to particular expertise in small and mid-cap stocks less frequently featured by other institutions.

    One of the largest research team in Indonesia with more than 60 years experience in capital markets Has the most coverage on stocks that exist, with 97 listed companies, which is more than 76% of the total market capitalization on the index Has a complete product: Macro economy, stocks (sector and companies) and fixed income research Through the partnership with Daiwa Securities Group Inc. (“Daiwa”), Bahana is able to distribute its research report around the globe through Daiwa’s global network to target potential international investors.