Ultra-micro Financing

  • Ultra-micro financing. BAV-UMi (BUMi) Program

    In order to enhance the number of entrepreneurs facilitated by the Government, Indonesia Investment Agency cooperate with PT BAV to provide secondary financing facilities for ultra-micro entrepeneurs. The goal is to enable the whole ultra-micro enterpreneurs to obtain fast and easy financing. 

    BAV offers secondary financing facilities for ultra-micro enterpreneurs through non-bank financial institutions (LKBB) as a supplier. Terms required for supplier are as follows:

    Have an experience in financing small micro and medium  enterpreneurs for at least 2 years. 

    has good corporate governance, within NPL  below 5%. 

    Conduct management information system. 

    For further information regarding B-UMi (Bahana ultra micro),  please contact:

    PT Bahana Artha Ventura

    Attn: Financing Division

    Wisma Prima Lt. 2

    Jl. Kapten Tendean No. 34 Mampang, South Jakarta 12790

    Phone.: 021-79182688