Our Activities

  • BAHANA Pembinaan Usaha Indonesia as the holding company from BAHANA Group of companies, acts as the investment holding, providing guidelines and support to the business of the subsidiaries. One of the main activity is the middle office services that include risk management, internal audit, human resource, general affair, and information technology.

    BAHANA Pembinaan Usaha Indonesia as the backbone for BAHANA Group, provides the infrastructure for complete financial services on the wider scope of services, available to our list of clients.As a non operational holding company we provide all financial services infrastructure needed to support our growing services for our clients, and these are available from our three subsidiaries. Catering to whatever your investment specifics are, wherever you are, we are always ready to assist you to a lucrative investment in Indonesia.

    PT Bahana Artha Ventura

    PT. BAHANA Artha Ventura sustained the mission formerly conducted by PT BAHANA Pembinaan Usaha Indonesia, established by the Indonesian government in 1973, to assist the development of Small Medium Enterprises by providing the main capital, sustained financial assistance and management training, as well as an introduction to sound management principles. BAHANA Artha Ventura and other local venture capital enterprises undertake the mission to encourage and support the development of SMEs for a healthy, financially independent, and profitable institution. BAHANA has always adhered to the two principles, namely financial support and close assistance to achieve such goals.

    PT Bahana Sekuritas

    PT. Bahana Sekuritas provides investment banking services, stock exchange services, and a wide ranging and innovative stock brokerage services. Our services includes the following: Privatization, advisory dealing / consultancy for drafting and executing transaction, Equity Offerings, where our wealth of experience and emission management, selling, distributing and equity trading and shares rights have positioned us as the foremost guarantor for emission, Fixed Income, where our ability to manage emission, selling, distributing and trading in primary and secondary market have made us the leading fixed income company in Indonesia, Financial Advisory, that includes providing financial advice from our qualified investment bankers in financial restructure and equity/ debt funding as well as Merger and Acquisition.

    PT Bahana TCW Investment Management

    In 1994 BAHANA established PT Bahana TCW Investment Management (Bahana TCW), formed as a joint venture with Trust Company of The West, a well-respected financial and investment management for United States. BAHANA TCW is the subsidiary of Bahana, specifically dealing in the business of management investment, with the main activities consisting of fund management and investment advisory services for both individual and institutions.
    PT Graha Niaga Tatautama

    PT. Graha Niaga Tatautama is the developer and building manager of Graha CIMB Niaga, a Grade A office building located strategically in the Sudirman Central Business District -an integrated mixed use development, in Jakarta CBD

    PT Bahana Kapital Investa

    Bahana Kapital Investa (BKI) is a company that could act as a private equity that gathers funds from investors.In this case, BKI invest shall in shares of company that is considered to be able to perform positively in the future so as to add sufficient profit. The target company could be a recently established company, an established company that has yet to generate revenue and/or a company that requires capital to grow the investment shall be in the form of. Capital Injection through additional capital/equity to companies in need as well as the distribution of short-term fund to accommodate its working capital and/or other financial needs.