GCG Bahana

  • In the development of globalization, the management of the Company's business is increasingly complex, varied and faces many challenges that not only come from the Company's internal but also those challenges that come from external companies.  The complexity and challenges if not managed consistently, sustainably and accountably will have an impact on the possibility of failure of the Company to run its business.  One indication of the failure of the Company in carrying out its business is the failure of the Company to effectively implement GCG principles.

    Moreover, many companies build their businesses by implementing low business ethics, giving false information, making standard deviations and work procedures and most importantly not fulfilling the principle of compliance with laws and regulations.  Under these conditions, the PT Bahana Pembinaan Usaha Indonesia Company (Persero), hereinafter referred to as the Company, composes and establishes the Company's policy on "Guidelines for Good Corporate Governance (GCG Code)" as the basis for achieving the Company's vision, mission and objectives.

    To see details "Guidelines for Good Corporate Governance (GCG Code)", please click here