Bahana TCW Investment Management

Our Strength

Some points that we believe have contributed as the determining factors to support our existence and achievement in Indonesian current stock exchange industry, especially in the managerial field and investment advisory, are related to the corporate culture that we always retain:  More than 12 years experience in providing investment solution responding to the needs and profiles of our clients and a sustained cooperation and intensive communication to our clients to understand their growing demands.

We always operate transparently to our clients, and they are constantly informed on the strategic investment and detailed portfolio allocation.

We consistently improve that our strategic investment could set up a higher benchmark for returns that is accepted by our clients

We constantly monitor and supervise the movement of the stockmarket, with the support from our analysis on the macro economic condition of Indonesia, to minimise the investment risks. This would assists us to translate the information into some concrete actions to diversify the portfolio for some stock instrument and other sectors.

We constantly remind ourselves on the importance of the investment process with adherence to the principles of prudence and caution, and always refer to the strategy that is implemented based on our market analysis.


How do we sustain our performance?

The corporate culture that we have built has been translated to the activities to give the best solutions for our clients, including the following:
Investment activities:
• To run the investment activities that refer to the principles of prudence and caution in accordance with our Product Programme manual
• Investment decision has been made by the Investment Team in a collaboration dan supported by strong market analysis.

Market analysis activities

Investment activities and decision-making has always been based by in-depth analysis on the fundamental condition of the company that issues the instrument for stock exchange, and the analysis include:

• Qualitative Analysis
- Management background
- Sector or field of study
- Business strategy

• Quantitative Analysis
- Corporate performance
- Financial condition
- Return rate
- On-site visit to obtain direct information

• To obtain the latest information on the corporate business plan, we always foster good cooperation with the management of the company.

Product Distribution and Marketing Activities

• Alway foster good cooperation with our products distributors
• Establish a Marketing Team that specifically deal with institutional client segments
• Continuously develop and innovate products
• Brodcasting instantly on the matters related to our products to our agents and distributors

Risk Management and Compliance Activities

• Establishing a Risk Management and Compliance team that conducts daily monitor to all our investment activity

Operational activities

• Punctual Transation completion with high accuracy
• Report presentation, in punctual and accurate fashion that include internal report and report to clients
• We implemented effective IT in our operational activities for process efficiency and to achieve a higher accuration rate that include:
- Bloomberg POMS, consisting of:
Stock transaction medium with our stockbroker
Communication medium and client reporting of clients that uses Bloomberg POMS
Automatic stock transaction compliance monitoring prior to any transaction
Transaction monitoring activities
Portfolio management compliance monitoring to match it with the agreed investment strategy
- HiPortfolio System : portfolio management administration system
- MSys : Mutual funds ownership administration system