Bahana TCW Investment Management

Methode & Process

The investment method we use always adhere to the principles of compliance, prudence and caution and needs to go through the following:
• Investment decision is conducted with bottom- up and top-down approach within the investment committee consisting of professionals in the capital market.
• Prioritizing the stocks with high value of market capitalization,which is a way to reduce risk for market liquidity.
• Emphasizing more on fundamental analysis and macro economics rather than taking advantage of market fluctuation

Metodologi BTIM

In order to ensure investment security for our clients, we have applied the highest standard for risk management and compliance towards our investment activities that include:

Risk management, in-depth analysis on stocks and issuer consisting of:

• Background of company/ issuer
• Diversification on choice of investment within a variety of issuer, capital market instrument and money market, types of stocks and sectoral
• Strict adherence on the principles of compliance that has been set by our internal policies, investment strategy, and other regulations set by the regulating bodies.
• Analysis on the performance of issuer, instrument and sectoral.

Compliance Management that includes:

• Compliance to the existing procedures on fund and investment management that has been set by internal policies or regulating bodies.
• Compliance for pre-transaction process where we use Bloomberg POMS (Portfolio Order Management System) application to ensure that each transaction execution is not violating existing regulations such as stock instrument allocation, stockbroker hired, accepted stocks etc . The entire parameter for compliance is applied on Bloomberg POMS to facilitate checking by system.
• Compliance on post transaction process. In this case we are using a system as the system mirror with our custodian bank and we always communicate with our bank custodian to avoid discrepancy between the two records of the two parties