Monthly auto sales: Feeble February

Based on sales figures released by Gaikindo (4W association) and AISI (2W association), February 4W sales slumped to 88.7k units, down 21% y-y and 6% m-m, with 2W sales reaching 556k units, down 18% y-y but up 11% m-m (exhibits 1 and 2).

ASII saw weak February sales of 43.5k units, down 28% y-y and 1% m-m, with sales of Avanza and Xenia struggling to improve on soft demand and intense competition from the Honda Mobilio. With support from the new Xtrail model, Nissan (IMAS) booked monthly sales of 3.4k units, down 20% y-y but up 87% m-m, while Honda booked solid sales of 13.7k units, up 15% y-y but down 19% m-m, helped by firm sales from the HRV and Mobilio.

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